The Future of Breath Analysis

Over the past six years, Zurich Exhalomics has been at the forefront of research, technology development and clinical studies related to volatile biomarkers.

With the first Forum in 2022, we started a series to share and discuss perspectives on the future of breath analysis. The 2023 Zurich Exhalomics Forum attracted over 80 visitors from academia, industry and funding organisations who discussed new developments in the field.

The next Breath Forum will take place on September 27, 2024. Please reserve the date!

2024 Programme (preliminary)

Registration and coffee

Welcome and spotlight on Zurich Exhalomics
Prof. Dr. Emma Slack
Selected presentations from the Zürich Exhalomics Consortium
Lunch (Sandwiches, Fingerfood)
combined with the Poster Session
Keynote: "Clinical Applications of Exhaled Volatile Organic Compounds: from bench-to-bed"
Prof. Dr. Chris Mayhew, University of Innsbruck, Institute for Breath Research
Short presentations by industry
5 mins. each
Coffee Break and poster session
Selected presentations (consortium and guests)

Farewell and apero
Prof. Dr. Renato Zenobi
Presentations by members of the Zurich Exhalomics network (preliminary)
Miloš Selaković: Extending laser absorption spectroscopy towards larger VOCs(Tuzson/Emmenegger)    
Zakirul Islam: Exhalomics as a mirror to rumen fluidmetabolomics in dairy cows (Niu)
Mario Barrientos-Blanco: Exploring Dairy CowMetabolism through Breathomics: Implementation Strategy and Findings (Niu)
Srdjan Micic: Remote Breath analysis in preschool children (Möller)
Simon Schlapansky: Room temperature NH3 sensor for portable breathanalyzers (Güntner)
Albin Vadakkechira: Lactobreath: A Pilot Study to Diagnose Lactose Intolerance using the Exhalome (Giannoukos)
EmmaSlack: Can we use volatilomics to track bacterial colonization and infection?(Slack)
Felix Schmidt: Influence of different filters in SESI-HRMS and comparison of QEPvs EP(Ulrich)
Jan van den Broek: Personalized Fat Burn Monitoring with Handheld Breath Detector(Alivion)

Paulus Akademie
Pfingstweidstrasse 28, 8005 Zürich

Registration will open soon

Special rates for foundations and research institutions. Companies: CHF 250 per person, with sponsoring packages available.


Maximum number of attendees: 100
Available Tickets: 40/100

Frequently asked questions

How can I contribute to the forum?

If you would like to present or contribute on stage or with a poster, please contact
There is enough time for interaction during the sessions.

What's the language of the forum?

Primary language is English.

Who can I ask further questions?

Please contact Jan van Beilen (

What is included in the participation fee?

All presentations, and catering from welcome coffee, lunch and apéro.

Why should I participate?

Getting access and share latest knowledge on breath analysis, from technology to clinical studies to commercial activities.